Eva’s Retreat

Eva’s Retreat


Product Description

The idea of Eva’s Retreat was inspired by Spirit in Autumn 2011, although looking back Jill has felt for some time that she would eventually host a Spiritual Centre, ever since teaching Reiki and various Spiritual Development Workshops in this and previous homes, where her students enjoyed their time with Spirit so much they never wanted to leave!

Eva’s Retreat commenced in January 2012 in Dorset as a tribute to Jill’s Mum, Eva (the main source of Jill’s inspiration) and has relocated to Wales, where it is now run by Jill and her husband, Andy.

We have a Cottage within 6 acres of beautiful land that is run as Eva’s Retreat a Spiritual Centre as a tribute to my Mum Eva. It is such a beautiful place that we wish to be able to share it with those in need of Joy Peace and Love. Once we complete the Barn Conversion we will be able to stay in it so that people coming to our events can stay in our Cottage to have a Retreat away from everyday life if they wish to experience the Love and Presence of Spirit in an environment that is conducive for this. We wish to raise the standards of Spiritual Practice with Love and Respect and to be able to offer Eva’s Retreat to people who are grieving and who require the peace to be able to be supported by people that understand.

The name Eva means ‘Breath of Life’ and it is our wish to bring a breath of life into Mediumship and to help raise the standards of Spiritual practice.

We firmly believe that connecting with Spirit is a joy and serving Spirit a privilege, and very much enjoy approaching both with a grounded mixture of humility, love and (above all) respect.